Scottish Social Housing Charter: Bring Reports to Life with Animation

Robyn Barclay

Robyn Barclay

18 July 2023 | Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

West of Scotland Housing Association: 97% of tenants felt we are good at keeping them informed about services and performances

The Scottish Social Housing Charter establishes standards that all social landlords aim to achieve. All housing associations must produce an Annual Return on the Charter (ARC) measuring how well their organisation has met the standards of the charter.

In Scotland, by law, housing associations must make the information in this report available to tenants. However, many associations struggle with making the report content not just available, but accessible to their tenants and staff.

These reports can be very long documents that aren’t engaging for users. To report more effectively about the impact Housing Associations have, perhaps it’s time to take a new approach.

Engage Your Tenants Using Animation

Third Sector Lab supports Housing Associations to capture findings from their charter reports using animation. The aim is to transform the findings from these reports into a valuable resource for communicating with tenants.

As an organisation that is heavily involved in the sector, we understand the time constraints for Housing Associations are under. Third Sector Lab can have animations ready in advance of the Scottish Social Housing Charter Report publications in October 2023. 

Working closely with clients, we’ll capture the main strands of the charter reports and create 90 second videos. These videos are perfect for sharing the findings of your charter in annual reports, on your website or within a newsletter.

We all know video content is highly engaging on social media platforms. Using your reports to create engaging content attracts potential tenants, raise awareness about the association’s work, and improve communication with existing tenants.

How We Have Supported Other Housing Associations

Unsure of how this approach might work?

Take a look at how Third Sector Lab worked with Maryhill Housing Association to bring findings form their charter report into an annual review:

For more examples, here are some other Housing Associations Third Sector Lab has created animations for:

Why work with Third Sector Lab?

Third Sector Lab has been working with Housing Associations and in the charity space for 15 years. Unlike many digital agencies, we understand the needs of the third sector, and work with you to make a difference in your community. 

Third Sector Lab offers video solutions with a quick turnaround time and at reasonable prices. Our Video and Audio Lead Darryl Corner has an extensive background in the media industry and was previously head of Video at Reach PLC. 

By using video, Housing Associations improve communication, enhance tenant experiences, streamline processes, and promote community engagement. 

Getting Started 

Darryl uses a client-focussed approach to provide exactly what you need.

Here’s how it works:

  1. We’ll meet with you to discuss what key information you wish to include, along with the main audience and your preferred social media channels.
  2. Using your branding as a basis for a design, we’ll create a first draft of the animation, add some suitable music and return it to you for amends and/or clarification.
  3. Additional rounds of amends (up to two) are available for you to tune the message.
  4. We’ll deliver an upload-ready file for you to use. Additional options include voice-over – alternative screen format (vertical, square etc.) or British Sign Language.

Third Sector Lab offers a range of video and animation services to help you reach your users. Please get in touch f you’re interested in an informal chat about our services, or are keen to get started as soon as possible.

Contact Darryl at


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