Digital Training: Insights from The Curve

Robyn Barclay

Robyn Barclay

06 June 2023 | Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Digital training

The Curve is a digital training initiative run by Third Sector lab. Through 90 minute workshops delivered online, we invite experts to share their knowledge on all things digital.

However, we are always looking to improve this service. This is the first of a series of blog posts exploring the experience of charity sector employees and their experiences with digital training.

Recently, we spoke with a participant of The Curve, Tariq Ali, Digital Officer at One Parent Families Scotland. Join us to find out how free digital training has made a difference to his organisation, and consider what difference it might make to yours.

Tariq Ali, Digital Officer at One Parent Families Scotland in conversation with Robyn Barclay, Communication, Content and Marketing Executive at Third Sector Lab.

Gaining New Perspectives through Digital Training

Tariq Ali attended a number of training sessions with The Curve. He found the workshops on LinkedIn optimisation and podcasting to be the most useful.

When queried about any challenges encountered during the workshops, Tariq recalls a smooth and seamless experience. Moreover, Tariq appreciates the convenience of accessing recorded sessions, allowing him to revisit and reinforce the acquired knowledge whenever necessary.

“…if people are like my situation where you think you’ve got more knowledge than what you actually do, it’s always good to get other people’s perspective. Then you will end up learning something that you weren’t aware of before.”

Tariq Ali

Tariq underscores the specific benefits reaped through the Curve’s digital training. Notably, he highlights the significance of captivating visuals, engaging bios, and active engagement with followers on LinkedIn, which resulted in a substantial improvement in his profile and an expanded audience reach.

The Relevance and Importance of Digital Skills

Reflecting on the dynamic digital landscape, Tariq emphasises the continual need for digital skill training. Recognising that team members may be at various stages of their digital development, Tariq believes that training fosters a comprehensive understanding of tools and streamlines business processes. Equipping staff with digital skills enables organisations to optimise workflows, freeing up valuable time for serving users more effectively.

“So if you can help them streamline their business processes with digital tools, that will free up their time to help with the service users, ultimately.”

Tariq Ali

When asked for suggestions to enhance the Curve’s digital training programs, Tariq commends its inclusivity and “low barriers to entry”. He specifically appreciates the flexibility to watch recorded sessions, which proves highly beneficial for those unable to attend live meetings.

If you have participated in The Curve or have suggestions on how to improve it, we’d love to hear from you! Contact

If you’d like to access upcoming workshops or watch recorded sessions, you can find them on our training page.

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