Friday 22 April, 11.00am - 12.30pm

What is data science?

In this workshop, you can learn more about what data science actually is, how it applies to social change organisations' everyday operations and service delivery, and gain immediate, actionable next steps for your organisation when it comes to data.


This workshop is aimed at third sector professionals who are interested in using their data better.


What you will take away from this workshop:


  • A good understanding of the basics of data science;

  • Examples and inspiration from social change organisations that currently use data science;

  • Steps for how to get started.

This session is open to any charity sector employees and volunteers across the UK. Where spaces are limited priority will be given to grant holders of The William Grant Foundation, The Robertson Trust, Inspiring Scotland, The National Lottery Community Fund and The RS MacDonald Charitable Trust.

About the trainer


Diego has been a DataKind UK volunteer since 2017, taking part in DataDives, Office Hours, and DataCorps. He holds an MSc in data science from the University of Edinburgh and is a Senior Researcher in Artificial Intelligence at DFKI. He has vast experience working in data science and data engineering projects in the private sector and academia.


He is interested in how we can maximise the impact of Data for Good on social change organisations. He is passionate about using data science to help the communities they serve.


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