Leeds Asylum Seekers Support Network

We're a volunteer led refugee charity in Leeds - who support 300 folks a year to learn English, find somewhere to stay and to make connections with the city. We run about 4 websites and have abasic CRM we don;t make the most of.

We are looking for someone to help us ask the important questions - why do you do it that way, how does that help you achieve the organisations goals, as well as to set a strategy for development of digital skills within staff and volunteers, effective management systems and appropriate governance systems to keep track of things

About this vacancy

Level of Board commitment required:
6x 2 hour meetings a year, plus an additional couple of hours a month for a sub groups task/finish

Induction period:
Full induction alongside attending 2 or 3 meetings (takes 4-6 months) before we decide if we're a good fit.


Jon Beech (Director)