Santini Basra


Area of expertise:
Design & Innovation, Long-term thinking and planning

Number of years experience:


1. Professional Experience and Skills

I have a strong foundation in design and innovation, and most of my work has involved supporting organisations during the very early stages of the innovation process to better understand the problems they are trying to address, and start defining the shape of their solution. While I was formally trained as a designer, more and more I find myself working outwith the traditional remit of the designer (products, services, brands) and more recently have been focussed on designing outputs that aren’t traditionally associated with design (e.g. policies, new job roles, governance structures, education models, strategies).

My main responsibility at the moment is running Andthen, a boutique innovation consultancy which I founded in 2016. Through our work at Andthen, we’ve worked with a diverse range of clients — some private sector, but mainly public and third sector clients, from one person or volunteer-led organisations to central government (Scottish Government), large public organisations (NHS Education for Scotland) and leading national charities (Mind).

2. Causes and Personal Interests

I’ve worked across a wide range of sectors and causes, however mental health (especially for children and young people) and climate change are areas where I’ve developed particular experience and personal interest, although I am also passionate and keen to deepen my knowledge about several other causes. Alongside these, I am also interested in connecting communities (both geographic communities and communities of interest), advocacy, and policy change.

3. Reasons for Applying

In recent times, my interactions with trustees at charities such as Mind and the Glasgow School of Art and recent work with Mind to rethink their governance structures have ignited my interest in the nuances of organisational oversight and trustee responsibilities. Through serving as a trustee, I see a clear opportunity for mutual value exchange.

I’m confident that my broad experience, extensive network, and deep understanding of design and innovation can provide significant value to the right organisation, while my recent work with trustees and governance structures will help me deliver effectively within the role.

However, I also view this role as an enriching opportunity for my own personal growth and learning. Unlike my consultancy work, where I often work with organisations on a short-term or per-project basis, I’m keen to experience an environment where I can support more sustained impact over time.

Available for: In-person meetings, Remote meetings


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