Pete Goddard

Area of expertise:
Software, Agile, Lean

Number of years experience:


Navigating the digital realm has reinforced my belief that technology has the potential to catalyse positive change. I want to serve as a Digital Trustee because I see that many charities, with clear visions for a better world, could benefit from added digital expertise.

My commitment is rooted in causes that champion social justice, aiming for a society where each individual is treated with fairness and respect. Environmental conservation is another area I feel strongly about, understanding that our actions shape the future of our planet. I also support initiatives that promote social mobility, ensuring everyone has opportunities to progress, irrespective of their background. Adding to this, the significance of mental health in today's world cannot be understated, and I am dedicated to advocating for better awareness and resources in this domain.

In essence, my desire to become a Digital Trustee is to bridge the gap between impactful causes and the digital strategies they need to achieve their goals. Through this role, I aim to work with charities to harness technology's potential, furthering the impact in areas such as social justice, environmental conservation, social mobility, and mental health.

Available for: In-person meetings, Remote meetings


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