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I'm Harriet, a community organiser turned design leader who helps public and third sector organisations understand the needs of their people to design effective products and services that change people's lives.

I have four core areas of expertise and interest - social impact, user needs, test and learn and co-design or co-production. I would love to work with a charity that aspires to be evidence driven and led from the ground up.

Social impact
I am a strategic thinker who focuses on social impact. I want to make sure we're measuring what matters to our mission and our people so we can make improvements that help us create the change we want to see.

User needs
My focus is on people. Those who use and deliver the services and support we provide. I will bring user research expertise to help a charity understand more about its people and use this insight to make improvements that change people's experiences for the better.

Test and learn
I'm a doer who favours practical action and learning by doing. I will bring my design experience to help a charity develop a digital culture. This means testing new ideas and initiatives to gain the evidence we need to make good decisions and understand what works.

Co-design or co-production
I believe that change is best delivered from the ground up. People who are affected by issues have a wealth of experience about how to solve them and I want to support a charity who aspires to create more space for their people, and especially lived experience leaders, to own and deliver change.

I started my career in the third sector and I am passionate about action that is community-led. As an endometriosis and IBS sufferer with personal experience of OCD and mental health struggles, endometriosis, women's health, chronic pain, disability and neurodiversity are all very close to my heart. I'm also passionate about liberation, class and inequality.

In becoming a trustee I am most interested in working with a charity that is ready to make the changes that are true to my values and the experience I have written about above. So don't be put off if your cause is not listed here — I care deeply about most social and environmental justice and I'd be very open to a chat anyway! Please get in touch if you'd like to work together!

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Contact Harriet Pugh at harrietepugh@gmail.com