Emma Huyton


Area of expertise:
Human Centred Design, Service Design, User Research, Content Design, Project Management

Number of years experience:


TLDR: I'm a designer and project leader with over a decade of experience defining, planning and conducting research, translating complex strategy and business requirements, and delivering user-centred, evidence-based design and service solutions.
For me, technology isn't just about the cold, hard, technical aspects - or even the business needs (often misconstrued from 'wants'). It's about how we as humans interact and engage with technology that matters. After all, you can have the 'best' technically built app in the world, but if people find it hard to use, you won't get the kind of engagement and traction you'd like.
My academic background is in psychological science and applied neuropsychology (the brain stuff), and while that might not feel like it's directly related to digital - I've found that it makes me a better designer. There's a reason the 'father' of user experience was a psychologist! I believe that understanding human behaviour and how the mind thinks enables you to really tap into what motivates and helps people use your product or service. As I mentioned earlier, it's easy to fall into the trap of thinking what you 'want' is the same as what you need. Often this isn't the case, and I can help you identify what you - and more importantly - what your users actually need.
I'm open to all opportunities, but am particularly interested in neurodiversity, disability, welfare, human rights, mental health, and education. As an amateur photographer and art lover (I'm a sucker for original artwork), I'd also be keen to explore opportunities in the arts and theatre.

Available for: Remote meetings


Contact Emma Huyton at emma.huyton@ofgem.gov.uk