Daniel Rae

Area of expertise:
Social Media and broader Digital Marketing

Number of years experience:

Hamilton/Glasgow, Scotland

Having worked in digital marketing since 2005 and focussing on social media since 2011, I started a specialist social media agency called We Are Hydrogen Ltd. in 2016. In October 2022, I began my exit from the company as it was sold to The Press Association. Currently, I'm in a two-year earn out and will fully exit the company in November 2024. I'm keen to use my expertise to help organisations and I am interested in getting experience in trustee, board member and NED roles.

I've have board level experience from my ownership and leadership of Hydrogen and in the last year, on the larger board of Hydrogen alongside Press Association members.

In terms of personality, 'curious' is a great description - I have a thirst for knowledge and desire to constantly learn and bring a balanced, empathetic approach which has been honed by years of client relationship management and social media strategy and community management.

Available for: In-person meetings, Remote meetings


Contact Daniel Rae at danielrae@gmail.com