Women and Children First

We are a small London-based NGO working with communities around the world to improve their health, particularly to reduce maternal and newborn mortality.

We have 6 employees in the UK.

We want to implement a digital strategy but are very much at the start of that journey! We recently moved to a hybrid working model and use Microsoft for our telephony and comms etc, but definitely need to understand what we could do better.

We haven't formally started the recruitment for this vacancy yet, but I would love to speak to people about what we might look for in a trustee and how they might support us.

Thanks so much!

About this vacancy

Level of Board commitment required:
Quarterly board meetings, quarterly committee meeting plus liaising with the CEO from time to time to support with development of digital strategy / be a sounding board

Induction period:
There will be an induction process, which I would manage as CEO


Beth Silver