Turn2us is a national charity, established in 1897, that offers practical information and support to people struggling financially. We are recruiting two trustees to join our board of 11 members.

At the heart of all we do is the belief that no one in the UK should live in or experience poverty and that the current social security system and economic environment must be challenged and redesigned to ensure people have the help and support they need, when they need it. It is this belief that drives us each day and now forms the heart of our new five-year strategy which sets out a vision where everyone in the UK has financial security so that they can thrive. Our purpose is to offer support to those of us facing financial insecurity and together challenge the underlying systems and perceptions.

As the cost-of-living climbs, we are seeing an inevitable marked increase in the numbers of people impacted and finding themselves in financially precarious situations. As a result, we have been considering how best to support people in a number of ways including delivery of several crisis
response grants, developing new partnerships to reach the most impacted communities, and ensuring people know what they are entitled to by reviewing and improving the information we provide.
We offer people the tools and guidance needed to help them access the benefits to which they are entitled but that can be difficult to obtain, apply for grant funds that are often a challenge to find, as well as making direct cash grants in response to events that can push people deeper into poverty.

About this vacancy

Level of Board commitment required:
In addition to reading preliminary reports and attending board and relevant committee meetings, trustees participate widely in the charity including joining workshops and working groups, taking part in recruitment of trustees and senior level staff, consultants, directors and independent committee members. Trustees are expected to join at least one or two board sub-committees and/or the board of Elizabeth Finn Homes. We estimate the time commitment to be about 2 to 3 days a month.

Induction period:
We provide full induction for new trustees and training throughout the year.


Caroline Rose