St Matthew’s Centre

Local people are at the heart of who we are. The St Matthew's Centre is a consistently safe, accessible and welcoming community space that creates a sense of belonging for everyone in our communities no matter their status. We are a multi-use facility that works with and for local people to improve health, wellbeing and security and we contribute as a community to the comprehensive and sustainable positive regeneration of our area.

We work flexibly across 4 areas:
1 – delivering a range of targeted activities to improve the physical and emotional/mental health and wellbeing of our local community
2 - offering a variety of safe and affordable spaces for other organisations to deliver activities including Alcoholics Anonymous, Glasgow Chinese Recreation Centre and Quarriers.
3 - offering safe and affordable desk/office space for local organisations to grow and thrive including our in development hot desking spaces.
4 - actively investing in solution focused local networks and activities that create community cohesion and benefit the wider community but that also acknowledge the challenges faced within our communities.

We currently operate a 6 day week with late opening at least 4 days per week to support continued access to recovery and peer support groups. We have designed and deliver activities which provide free/low cost access to improve wellbeing including digital support, physical activity and food support all whilst providing essential time for people to build up strong social connections. We find that affords local people both consistency and variety when attending activities that not only support improved health and wellbeing but gives them the time to build more resilient coping mechanisms.

We have 3 employees and currently only have 5 trustees. Our trustees have a very limited grasp of technology or the digital landscape and our staff ability varies with some of us being more digitally enabled(and much less scared of it) than others. We would love to have someone join our board who can bring their skills and knowledge to help us strengthen, grow and thrive within an ever changing digital environment to support our community better.

About this vacancy

Level of Board commitment required:
Quarterly meetings, general governance and strategy planning

Induction period:
We currently have a 6 month induction and on boarding for new board members


Roisin Craig