Protect Earth CIO

Protect Earth create and restore woodlands, wildflower meadows, and hedgerows, working with various landowners, environmental organisations, and the general public to achieve an outcome that is beneficial for everyone. We help land owners plant trees on their land, and we buy degraded farmland to reforest ourselves.

We've been using tech to scale from day 1, with an iOS app to photo our trees, and a powerful PHP backend to allow those trees to be purchased by various funding partners and individuals who want to plant more trees.

Currently we have an incredibly bad Squarespace website which requires manual updates that needs to be hookup up to our API, and we need to work on improving transparency by producing statistics on number of trees planted, acres of woodlands created, meters of hedgerow planted, and break all of that down into monthly totals and "planting seasons" so we can track progress over time.

About this vacancy

Level of Board commitment required:
Quarterly meetings, occasioanlly planning sessions to set direction of work, helping us find people who can do the work

Induction period:


Phil Sturgeon