People Matters (West Yorkshire)

People Matters is a member led disability charity based in Leeds. It supports people with learning and other hidden disabilities by creating opportunities to be more independent and enjoy life in the same ways as anybody else. With a team of approx 50 staff, an established board of trustees and and volunteers who get involved with delivering services too there is lots going on. Our 300+ members can get involved in social groups, health and well being groups, the employment support service or use the social care service we provide. Members face lots of challenges, with a life expectancy of approx 63 and very few in work so value the opportunities offered.

The organisation has done lots to improve its digital maturity, information governance is important as we deal with lots of health related and other personal information so we meet the NHS DPS Toolkit requirements for example but equally there is still lots to work on. Staff do not have a specialist technology background but we do have a positive approach to learning and solving problems which has really helped our development. Fundraising is a priority for us at the moment so we are updating our website, putting more on social media, have an under utilised web based fundraising account and want to explore how we can better use digital platforms for fund raising. There is no trustee with digital expertise on our board and we want to change this. Previous board experience is not required but some experience of managing a team would be helpful.

About this vacancy

Level of Board commitment required:
Board meetings happen every 6 weeks (8 meetings per year) with fundraising committee meetings typically 2 weeks beforehand. Meetings are offered on a hybrid basis and are typically for 2 hours. We would like you to be able to go to both. Emails and other occasional tasks can be adjusted to your capacity.

Induction period:
We have induction support that all trustees are invited to access. Typically this might take 1 - 3 months.


Elissa Matley