Oban and Lorn Healthy Options Ltd

Lorn and Oban Healthy Options (LOHO) have been
in operation since 2011 and we are a charity
working with people living with, or at risk of
developing, long term health conditions. We deliver
a specialist service which supports people to learn
the skills and tools to self-manage their health and
We run two main programmes ADAPT and
THRIVE. More information can be found on our
website via the link above.
With a small Board of Trustees and a small
operational team led by our Development Manager,
we are keen to attract an individual to help us on
our journey of continued improvement and our
aspiration to support the wider community to
improve their health and well-being.
A Digital Trustee would be expected to lead and
advise the Board on:
1. A `Digital health check` aiming to
streamline/re-engineer our methods of work
to enable efficient data collation and
interpretation to assist in providing an
evidenced evaluation of our client’s journey.
This may include re-defining the interaction
from user to back-office software.
2. A health check on our cyber security,
identifying threats and risks to provide us
with a plan to ensure resilience around
Business Continuity, disaster recovery and
threat from Cyber-attack.
3. Improving and supporting the interaction
between our Elemental software through to
end user
4. Support our wish to utilise Monday.com as
our method of action planning and
accountability. Advise on any upskilling
required in this area.
PHASE 2 – there would be an aspiration to look at
some support to improve our external
communications to include a website check and
how we could improve our wider media.

About this vacancy

Level of Board commitment required:
Attendance at 4 meetings per annum approx. 2 hours each via Zoom or in person. Enough project work time to address the key elements listed above (1 to 4)

Induction period:
A brief induction could be completed through website familiarity, followed by a meeting with the Chair and/or Board representative and the Development Manager. An introduction to our software systems and how these interact on the ground could be completed via some shadowing with our exercise professional. A mutually agreed period of induction can be determined dependant on the Digital Trustees location and availability.


Pat Wilson