We help people be active citizens
Established in 2003, mySociety is a not for profit group pioneering the use of online technologies to empower citizens to take their first steps towards greater civic participation.

We help people be active citizens with technology, research and data that individuals, journalists, and civil society can use, openly and for free.

Citizens make society
We believe that secure democracies and a strong civil society are vital to our common welfare, and that these only prosper when people meaningfully engage with their government and within their communities.

Our aim is to empower people everywhere to become informed and active citizens, able to fully participate in shaping the decisions that impact their lives, contribute to flourishing communities, and hold power to account wherever it may lie.

Our permanent UK based staff work across four interlinked practice areas: Transparency, Democracy, Climate and Community — each underpinned by research, sector building through TICTeC and appropriate commercial work via SocietyWorks.

About this vacancy

Level of Board commitment required:
You'll be required to attend quarterly board meetings. These are often held virtually, but we are beginning to return to some in-person meetings, and these take place in London. If access to these could present a problem, we will always accommodate remote participation. We'll expect you to handle the emails, actions and documents that come out of meetings — this is a commitment of a few hours each month at most. Occasionally, unfolding events may require your input as they arise, with varying degrees of urgency. For example, legal threats and queries being referred to the board for comment will ideally be processed within a timeframe that prevents lengthy hold-ups for staff. You’ll be welcome to join us at our annual retreat, and events such as TICTeC (The Impacts of Civic Technology Conference) — again, these are beginning to return to an in-person format after having shifted online during the pandemic, but we are committed to continuing to provide remote access alongside all 'real life' activities.

Induction period:


Yolanda Gomes