Greyfriars Biophilic Community Garden

We are a registered SCIO with OSCR, SC050973. We manage a community garden in High Street, Glasgow. There are 56 raised bed plots and each is tended by an individual member. Most of member shave email addresses but 5 do not and also these 5 don’t use social media and a few don’t read texts.

Our membership ranges form people in their 20s up to 80s.
We have just moved into our High St site and already it is attracting a lot of attention from the many tourists and local people who pass by.

We have a Facebook Page and a Twitter account although the latter isn’t well used.

Our website is under construction and we are working on agreeing a logo. This is being done by a garden member and the son of one of our members.

As far as I know, no one posts blogs.

About this vacancy

Level of Board commitment required:
Maximum 4 meetings a year, but may be less. Recently Board meetings have been on zoom.

Induction period:


Irene Graham