COPE Ltd is a well established and successful social enterprise and charity which provides employment and skill development for adults with learning disabilities or autism

COPE Ltd sells goods and services to individuals, local authorities and private businesses. All profits or surpluses are always reinvested back into the company to fulfil our social and environmental purposes.

We have three enterprises - Shetland Home Co., Shetland Garden Co., Shetland Soap Company. The first two serve Shetland based market but with Shetland Soap Company we also trade outside Shetland to corporate and trade clients. Income is over £1m/annum and we employee circa 45 staff.

Would like to use build on our digital presence to assist in increasing sales/income and stronger promotion of our social purpose. We would like to explore opportunities for developing digital skills within the organisation and using technology better to support our working practices.

About this vacancy

Level of Board commitment required:
The Board meet around every 6 weeks in hybrid form

Induction period:
We have a short induction process for new trustees, once elected to join the Board.


Steven Coutts