Child Growth Foundation

Child Growth Foundation are the leading UK charity focusing on the support, understanding and management of rare growth conditions to improve the lives of children, adults and families affected.


路 Support children, adults and families affected by rare growth conditions.
路 Fund research into greater understanding and management of these conditions.
路 Raise awareness and understanding of growth conditions, to improve their detection and support their earlier diagnosis.
路 Support health professionals in the optimal diagnosis and management of these conditions.

We are a team of 4 part time staff governed by our Board of Trustees, which currently has 9 trustees, including our Chair, Vice Chair and Treasurer

We have recently completed a trustee skills audit to identify key areas to grow skills on our Board and digital has been identified as one of these areas. Our organisation is run remotely with home based staff and many virtual trustee meetings, alongside two in person trustee meetings a year.

We are expanding our use of digital in our operational work and service delivery alongside growing this in our ways of working and our communications and fundraising.

We're looking for a trustee with a passion for our cause, a team approach and digital expertise to make positive contributions to our work here at the Child Growth Foundation, to positively impact the lives of the children, adults and families with growth conditions that we support, along with those not yet diagnosed.

About this vacancy

Level of Board commitment required:
Quarterly trustee meeting. Quarterly Steering Committee meetings.

Induction period:
We have a short induction process for new trustees, once elected to join the Board.


Catriona Taylor