Age UK Islington

Age UK Islington’s mission and purpose is to promote and assist the wellbeing of people in and around Islington. The primary beneficiaries of the charity are people over 55 living in the London Borough of Islington. We provide social prescribing and care navigation support to people who are 16+, those living with long term health conditions and a specialised service for unpaid carers. Another major focus is on reducing social isolation and loneliness.

All our services are oriented towards helping people identify and solve problems before they turn into crises or become impossible to manage without intrusive and costly statutory help. An important part of our work is bridging the gap between formal services and the range of fantastic support and activities available from a range of agencies, with a focus on linking clients to wider prevention and sustaining systems and means of support. This involves deeper and wider integration into and with other services. This provides efficient and earlier connections to non-clinical services, serving to assist prevention, improve client control and provide client optimism.
Established in 1963, we have approximately 40 staff and a team of 50 volunteers.

We are seeking a trustee with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, or comparable CRM, experience to support the Board and the charity. As a Trustee with an IT/technical background, you will work with the Board of Trustees and management in advising and guiding on effective practice when using our CRM (Microsoft Dynamics). Age UK Islington contracts Dynamics support from an external support provider. We have been working with this CRM for 6+ years.

Main responsibilities
• Provide guidance to Age UK Islington around how we can best make use of our CRM as well as insight into best digital practices.
• Contribute to CRM policy setting, strategic direction, goal and target setting, and evaluate performance against targets, budgets, plans and charitable objectives.
• Support the Senior Management Team where appropriate on CRM matters.
• Ensure staff have the digital capabilities to implement service and organisational delivery plans.
• Support the CEO and Chair in reviewing performance and development.
• Empower others on the Board to understand the potential of the CRM and its impact.
• Encourage the use of data in Board discussions and in guiding service delivery performance.
• Enable our organisation to have a competitive advantage when applying for contract and trust income with regards to data, analysis and technology.
• Provide expertise to support the organisation’s long-term direction and strategy.
• Highlight the opportunities and risks of our digital work for trustees and SMT, with regards to our organisational strategy in general and in relation to the use of our CRM system.
• Take the lead in creating a brief and evaluating proposals to search for alternative Dynamics support providers.
• Utilise your existing networks to support the work of Age UK Islington.
• Contribute to the work of the Age UK Islington Services Committee.

About this vacancy

Level of Board commitment required:
The role requires an estimated commitment of 2 hours per month. The role shall be elected for a term of office of three years by the Board and can serve for a maximum of nine years.

Induction period:
We have a thorough induction which includes meeting Board and staff members, guidance on being a trustee and information on Age UK Islington's services.


Sally Miller