Wednesday 27 July 2022, 2.00pm - 3.30pm

Planning your user research

A step by step session with practical take away templates and tools.


90-minute session where the group will work through a charity scenario and collectively plan their research project. The session is designed to be a shared learning experience, with practical elements, and a few informational slides.

The session will take you through the design journey, from understanding the problem, through to understanding how your research should impact the potential solution. We will focus most of our attention on user interviews, stopping to explore surveys, user testing, and card sorting along the way.


What tools will we use?

  • Padlet (interactive white board)
  • Breakout rooms


What you’ll take away:

  • An understanding of user research and the steps to take
  • Key considerations in planning your research
  • Some templates to use in your research projects


What you’ll do:

  • Take some time out, to think a little differently and explore
  • Some group work to develop a research project
    Practice running a user interview
  • Connect what you’ve learnt to the next steps of the project

This session is open to any charity sector employees and volunteers across the UK. 

About the trainer


Bobi is the founder of BeMoreDigital and an experienced digital specialist working with charities across the globe since 2010. Bobi creates practical workshops that form the building blocks to good digital practice, using data to drive decisions and a focus on continuous improvement to help charity professionals develop new skills and confidence with digital ways of working.

Bobi Robson
Bobi Robson

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