Wednesday 30 September 2020, 11.00am - 12.30pm

Human Centred Design PART 1: Tools for Discovering and Defining with Jess Gildener

Human Centred Design tools and techniques can help your projects and services work better by focusing on how people actually interact with them and what people really need.

Whether you’re considering an internal digital transformation project or want to design a new product or service for beneficiaries, using the concepts and tools based in Human Centred Design will help you open up new perspectives, question assumptions and create better solutions.

In this session you’ll explore some great tools that help you think about who your users really are and what they’re looking for.

We’ll take a look at a range of tools including interviewing and observation, journey maps, empathy maps, customer personas and value propositions, and techniques for prioritising and focusing in on the next steps.

This session is followed by Human Centred Design PART 2: Tools for Ideating, Prototyping and Testing


About the trainer

Jess Gildener has worked in and with charities and social enterprises for nearly 20 years, holding community-facing and senior management roles across a range of disciplines. Her diverse background has provided her with skills that include strategic communications, digital transformation, people development, and innovation and design facilitation.

She has worked for several Scottish organisations including the Social Enterprise Academy where she established an in-house marketing and design team to support its international Hubs. She has trained in design thinking, user experience design and intrapreneurship facilitation, and now works with third sector organisations to help them deliver stronger communications and better experiences for their audiences.


This session is only available to staff, trustees and volunteers of third sector organisations - charities, community groups, social enterprises and housing associations.

Jess Gildener
Jess Gildener