Charity Digital Skills Report 2023: 5 Things You Need To Know

Charity Digital Skills Report is written in black on a green background. Below, it says download now. There is also a list of sponsors, including Catalyst, Zoe Amar Digital and Think Social Tech.

The Charity Digital Skills Report 2023 went live this morning. Since its inception in 2017, this annual report has become a barometer of digital needs and trends in the third sector. We’ve put together a condensed list of 5 themes from this year’s report.  Digital Strategy The report states that 78% charities cite digital as…

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Like Minds 2010 – Calling all social media savvy charities

If you’re even remotely interested in social media then a trip to Like Minds 2010 should be in your diary. It’s worth the £50 entry fee just to hear Steve Bridger speak. Despite the general awesomeness of the Like Minds event, one element leaves a rather sour taste in the mouth – The Like Minds…

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