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Digital Potential Wales

A hands-on programme to empower charities & social entrepreneurs to put users first and get the most out of digital.


The programme starts 17th May 2021 and requires a time commitment of just 6 hours per week for 6 weeks.


Applications deadline - 12pm 11th May 2021.



Digital Potential is a hands-on programme to empower charities and social entrepreneurs to put users first and get the most out of digital.


Collaborate with others in the sector, learn from leading practitioners and come away with clarity and confidence in taking your digital projects forward.


This programme will help you and your organisation make your approach to digital ready for 2021 and beyond.


6 hours per week for 6 weeks, starting Monday 17th May

Who for:
Senior leaders in social enterprises and charities in Wales

Delivered online through a mixture of workshops and coaching

Fully subsidised by WCVA and the Welsh Government



Supported by


Delivered by Third Sector Lab, Open Change and Service Works.

About the Programme

Over the course of six weeks you will focus on: 


  • Digital strategy
    You’ll explore what it means and how to integrate it with your organisation’s wider strategy


  • Developing digital services
    Using the service design approach of Discover, Define, Develop and Deliver you will work through a problem your organisation is facing


  • Increasing digital capability
    By experimenting with different tools and techniques you’ll be able to share new skills within your organisation


You will have the chance to engage in a wide range of learning experiences: 


  • Experiential learning: practical workshops and expert masterclasses

  • Tailored support for you and your organisation: opportunities to work with a coach on specific challenges or issues

  • Peer support: join a network of practitioners from across the sector dealing with similar issues

  • Best practice inspiration: learn from successful organisations and leaders in digital service design

What You’ll Work On


This is a hands-on programme where you’ll work through a specific problem your organisation is facing. Your focus can be internal or external.

For example, you might be considering:

  • How to develop your website so that it meets your users’ needs better
  • How to deliver an existing service online
  • How to integrate internal systems so they are more efficient


You will:


  1. Discover what the problem is by involving service users in understanding what they need and how it might be different to what you currently do
  2. Define the problem and challenge you are trying to solve
  3. Develop a range of potential solutions to the challenge 
  4. Deliver a simple prototype to help you decide what to take forward
  5. Create an action plan to determine your next steps


Week Timetable Theme 
Week 1: 17 MayGroup session 1-2-1 session Self-led project planningIntroduction and planning your programme focus
Week 2: 24 MayMasterclass Group session Coaching / tailored support Self-led follow up workDigital Strategy
Week 3: 31 MayMasterclass Group session Coaching / tailored support Self-led follow up workUser Research
Week 4: 7 JuneMasterclass Group session Coaching / tailored support Self-led follow up workDefining Problems and Generating Ideas
Week 5: 14 JuneMasterclass Group session Coaching / tailored support Self-led follow up workPrototyping
Week 6: 21 JuneMasterclass Group session CoachingOff the shelf technology Challenges, Opportunities and Action Planning

Who this is for

We are specifically targeting ‘senior leaders’ with the authority to bring about real, active change in their organisation through digital.

Your Organisation’s Commitment

  • Open Working
    Each organisation will need to nominate a specific participant to attend the programme, and share the knowledge and skills back with their team and beyond.We are asking all those taking part to reflect on and share what they learn each week. We will support them to do this, but it might be through a regular blog, some short videos, or even a Twitter thread.


  • Being Available
    We estimate that the minimum time needed to make the most of the programme is 6 hours per week, and therefore the participant must be available as much as possible between May 17th and June 26th.

    1 x masterclass   2 hours per week
    1 x practical workshop 2 hours per week
    Development support tailored to your needs 

    e.g. personal 1-2-1 coaching, a workshop for your team, a discussion with your board

    30 mins per week 

    (this can be delivered in a block depending on what you would most benefit from e.g. a 3 hour workshop for your team)

    Self-led follow up work 1.5 hours per week
    Total over 6 weeks 36 hours (appx 5 working days)


There will also be optional expert talks and other training sessions that you and your team can attend. 


  • Being User-Led
    The core principle of designing a good digital approach is to be user-led. This means that there will be active consultation with your users during the programme, which may lead to you discovering a different problem or solution than you anticipated.


Your Personal Commitment

This programme is based on the values of trust, innovation, quality and focus. 

To get the greatest benefit we ask you to commit to: 

  • Prioritising the weekly tasks and group sessions 
  • Recognising the diverse experiences and expertise in the group, and building openness and trust
  • Honestly assessing your own challenges and opportunities  
  • Open working - sharing your work as you progress

To apply

Please complete the application form by 12pm (noon) on Tuesday 11th May